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Cricket hats

Ready for a day in the field

Cricket hats can be structured in the crown and brim and produced in 100% cotton canvas OR custom made in polyester/viscose with soft crown and sructured brim for maximum sun proteciton.  The green under the brim adds further to protecting the face from our summer glare.

 While traditionally used only on the cricket pitch, these are a great general purpose hat.  Cricket hat styles are especially common for junior schools where young students need to be protected from the sun.  We call them simply a wide brimmed hat.  Branded has a range of cricket hats with varying brims, crowns, colours and finishes.  Embroidered school logos are always vibrant on cricket hats.

Our Baggy is made offshore in wool flannel blend.  Our quantities are obtainable and many schools choose a Baggy for the  whole cricket team not just the First XI.  It is a keepsake.